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Welcome to SmartTALK – Police Stop!

SmartTALK – Police Stop is an interactive tutorial that teaches youths about proper protocol and behavior when interacting with law enforcement.

Course Topics:

  • How To Avoid Getting Stopped
  • Police Stop – What Should You Do?
  • Police Stop – What NOT To Do
  • Law Enforcement – Duties & Responsibilities
  • Your Rights – Know the Law!
  • Frequently Asked Questions

 SmartTALK – Mission

SmartTALK is an online community dedicated to promoting safety and social responsibility among youths. SmartTALK engages, challenges, and rewards students while learning about personal safety and social responsibility.


  • Social Learning Community
  • Interactive Multimedia Course
  • Quiz & Test Scores
  • Certificate-of-Completion
  • Digital Points Rewards

SmartTALK – Crowd Funding 

We Need Your Support! SmartTALK mini courses are available to students at no cost. We are funding the development and distribution through a crowd-funding campaign. You can help support this initiative by contributing.

Our Target Includes:

  • School-Based Organizations (FBLA, DECA)
  • Community-based Organizations
  • Youth Organizations
  • Community Colleges/HBCU’s
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Schools/PTA/PTO

SmartTALK - Police Stop

Take the SmartTALK – Police Stop course today and see how you score. Don't forget to print your certificate.

SmartTALK Ambassadors

Join the SmartTALK Ambassador Program and promote this initiative in your school or organization.

SmartTALK Partners

Join the SmartTALK Partner Program and support this initiative and promote your business!

Recent Donors

  1. Jolene Marie Freitas

    $ 20.00
  2. Cumba Ler

    $ 10.00
  3. Helen Brown

    $ 100.00
  4. Derryll Wristpus

    $ 25.00
  5. Sandra Adams

    $ 10.00
  6. George C Scott

    $ 10.00
  7. Krystal Scott

    $ 25.00
  8. Andre Hicks

    $ 50.00
  9. Dominic Smith

    $ 10.00
  10. Carolyn Partlow

    $ 5.00

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