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FairTax Social is an exclusive social community dedicated to promoting the FairTax initiative.  Members can connect, chat, follow and share around a common interest and goals.

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Social Network Features

FairTax Social includes Facebook type features that allow members to connect and engage around a common interest.

Create your personal profile page and upload your photo and brief bio and share details about yourself. You can modify your account and notification settings from within your profile.

Create or join public or private groups that share a common interest. Social groups can organize with separate activity feeds and member listings.

Join Forum discussions using Q&A style message boards. Forums can be standalone or connected to social groups.

Connect and follow other members in the network share stories, resources and ideas.

The Chat and Messenger allow members to chat with each other online. Member can share stories, resources and ideas.

Invite your family, friends and associates to join the movement.

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